International relations are a top priority for Metropolitan Barcelona

Internationalization helps to learn, share best practices and understand how common problems can find solutions adapted ...

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Metropolitan Barcelona recycles, reuses water and produces energy sustainably

Area Metropolitana de Barcelona places great emphasis on the responsible use of resources. We visited two extremely ...

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The Besòs River becomes a place that attracts people and protects biodiversity

Green spaces make communities more resilient to climate change, which is why they must be integrated into urban life. ...

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Landfills can become real sources of energy

Recycling and waste recovery has become the new norm for waste management in the 21st century. Unfortunately, many urban ...

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The CIBA building in Metropolitan Barcelona supports vulnerable women

Urban communities that understand the need for everyone’s involvement are the ones that take concrete steps to ...

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Metropolitan Barcelona has created 95 km2 of low emission zone, the largest in Europe

Traffic pollution is a problem faced by many urban communities, especially metropolitan areas. Eliminating this source ...

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