Together with our community of experts, we launched a series of books and guides which offer all the needed insights for the future of our cities.

The newest publication!

A simple recipe for clever metropolitan planning.
5 years of UrbanizeHub in 5 volumes
Series of articles published since the establishment of UrbanizeHub in 2017, grouped into 5 thematic volumes that reflect the evolution of the community and the UrbanizeHub concept.
Bring Nature Home Handbook
Packed with insights, strategies, and practical tips, this guide provides step-by-step instructions for implementing biophilic design principles, fostering community engagement, and transforming neglected areas into vibrant green oases.
Smart City Manifesto
A guide created by UrbanizeHub and Digital Policy, providing support to public administrations and urban leaders for implementing projects with European funding.
Romanian City 4.0
Exploring the future of cities in 2050 and our contribution to it through the voices of the 11 experts who contributed to writing the book.
Guide for mayors
Guide created by UrbanizeHub experts, offering examples of good practices and facilitating dialogue with local administrations for concrete local development projects.

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