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Grațian Mihăilescu

UrbanizeHub Founder

Samuel Stancu

Project coordinator & Urban Planner

Ioana-Maria Ursache

Project Coordinator & Researcher

Alex Glod

Storyteller & UrbanTalks Host

Ruxandra Păduraru

urban anthropologist

Anca Alexe

communications specialist

Edgar Almond

Urban Planner

Alice Poenaru

Project Manager

Mihai Ioniță

Project Manager

Ana Argint

Consultant & Urban Planner

Tudor Mihai

innovator Consultant

Andrei Leverin


Diana Dobrin

Urban Innovator & Facilitator

Silvia-Ioana Calea

Urban Planner & Landscape Architect

Octavia Kiss

Social-Media Manager

Bogdan Popescu

Web admin

Anca Buțu

Projects writer

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Our strategic partners comprise a diverse network of organizations and experts with whom our team collaborates to co-create sustainable cities.

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