Global issues – local solutions: Romanian start-ups


Romania’s start-up industry is getting bigger, more topical and more visible. UrbanizeHub invites you to a new series of online events that we bring forward precisely to make great Romanian start-ups more well-known. Each country’s creativity and innovation potential becomes apparent through its start-ups and that’s also the case of Romania. 

The campaign entitled “Innovative solutions for Romania’s cities”, organized by Climate Kic Romania and UrbanizeHub will present and promote start-ups which bring forward smart and sustainable solutions. Our Urban Talks host, Alex Glod, will talk to Dragoș Mircea (from the start-up “Echipa de Proiectare”). 

The topic of the discussion will be the solution brought forward by this start-up who offers green and smart building solutions. “Echipa de Proiectare” is an integrated projecting laboratory for modular structures, which employs environmentally-friendly technologies and offers support for communities that want to apply this concept. The discussion took place on the 21st of October on our Facebook and Youtube pages. Don’t worry, you can still watch it here, in case you missed it. 

The second event of this series will bring Vlad Stanciu from Eco Living Project and Larisa Gardean from Moveatile Project face to face with our host, Alex Glod. The discussion will take place on the 28th of October, at 11 a.m EET. 

The Eco Living Project creates natural finishing materials for environmentally-friendly houses. They produce a natural clay-based finishing plaster that can be used on any indoor area. Such clay-based finishing materials are versatile and aesthetic, but they also have the advantage of a reduced carbon footprint, therefore improving the quality of the indoor air and reducing the HVAC energy consumption at the same time. 

Moveatile is a project that takes on the challenge of a circular economy and attempts to build using the principles of such an economy. They have started out with waste. Their mobile removable ceramics fixation system extends the operational life of tiles through multiple usage and the possibility of re-selling the tiles – instead of crushing them – once they are no longer necessary. The main aim of this startup is that of raising public awareness around the issue of construction waste, by adopting a new approach towards ceramic tiles. 

The third event of the series will take place on the 30th of October, at 11 a.m. EET.  This time, our guest will be Lucian Conduneanu from the Sensix project, which offers an end-to-end smart monitoring solution. They use wireless sensory devices, which are unintrusive and easy to install. Medium-sized companies who own or rent spaces for offices, sports facilities of factories can use the Sensix solution to enhance the level of comfort and reduce operational costs. 

The last event of this series will take place on the 3rd of November and will have Dafina Jeaca from OGOR as our guest – the discussion will focus on farmers. The Field Data Zoom start-up engineered the project OGOR in September 2019, which is made up of a complex, impartial and easily accessible set of instruments for farmers. It is believed that this set of tools can provide them with a new perspective on their domains. All this is possible thanks to the data archive generated by Copernicus sattelites, which have been observing the Earth since 2017. 

Foto: Korter/LOFT Green Apartments

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