«APEL» Project

We created a guide specifically for the City Hall of District 2 of Bucharest based on the input and feedback of its citizens.

1. Online Consultations

The development process began with online consultations, using questionnaires that allowed citizens to highlight issues they faced in Colentina-Tei and propose solutions to address them.

2. Earthquake Risk Assessment

We then moved from the online realm to the field, where we held an informative public consultation featuring Matei Sumbasacu, a specialist from the World Bank who spoke about seismic risk.

Participants were informed about measures that should be taken before, during, and after a seismic event, as well as official sources of information.

3. Resulting Guide

Following the public information segment, the intermediate results of the study were presented, and a debate took place on the proposed solutions.

Urbanizers involved

Edgar Chismorie

Ruxandra Păduraru

Șerban Petru Popa

Andrei Leverin


City Hall of District 2 of Bucharest


The World Bank

Special thanks to

City Hall of District 2 of Bucharest

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