UrbanizeHub proposes 10 urban mobility solutions for an incubator in Vienna

Romanian start-ups that promote new ideas for improving the access to transport for European citizens could obtain 20 000 euros in order to launch a prototype of the solution they are working on, access to accelerator in Vienna and access to the ITS European Conference from Lisbon and also at the Demo Day Conference in Brussels. UrbanizeHub has already incubated urban mobility solutions at the events held in Timisoara and Bucharest this year. Which are the solutions proposed by us?

The following urban mobility solutions have been awarded by UrbanizeHub, with the support of the Embassy of Netherlands in Bucharest, during the event that took place between 11-12 of May at Mindspace Pipera.

(The five winning teams from Bucharest Innovation Hackathon 11-12 May Mindspace Pipera, together with mentors and organizers)

  1. Be On Time – offers access to field-data analytics for the local administration and brings up integrated solutions for several types of transport for the citizens, with focus on public transport, thus facilitating the online tickets purchase and real time schedule tracking.
  1. TIPE – a carpooling project that offers incentives for this activity, through businesses (free parking spaces offering, company car disposal, etc). At the second stage, after the carpooling service becomes more popular, the projects proposes to create special traffic lanes and parking spaces for these types of car.
  1. The Motioneers – proposes urban hacks solutions and tactic urbanism through which pedestrians can benefit of continuous, safe and interactive routes and quality public spaces. The team has also proposed to signal the areas that create problems for pedestrians, by placing red ballons at those specific places.
  1. miriaHUB – the team came up with the idea of creating a bridge designated to the use of bycicles and pedestrians, over the high traffic areas, project that could be financially through a community formed by persons that are willing to pay a monthly contribution in order to ensure better mobility conditions in the ares where they spend the most time.

The urban mobility projects shaped at Timisoara Urban Innovation Hackaton, event that took place at Vox Technology Park between 5-6 October, are the following:

  1. Smart move by RaMa team – two architects have proposed a new strategy building for transforming the city’s architecture through a combined physical (punctual actions on the streets and public spaces) and virtual approach (by introducing an AI system that can monitor and adapt the traffic on real time). The proposal combines four essential pillars: connectivity, transformation, respiro and adjustment.
  1. Park Land by TeMiriCe – the youngest participants, Rares and Paul, both high school students, have launched an application addressing the parking space problems. When unused, each citizen that holds a parking spot can now rent it, by downloading the app, creating an account on the platform and pin on the map the available spot that can be rented – a simple solution that has plenty of potential in order to efficiently use the space.
  1. Healthy Paths – collectively conceptualized by the students from West University of Timisoara and presented by Albu family, the project puts emphasis on pedestrians, bike users and e-scooter users. The users of the app can choose their route from point A to point B, by accessing the less polluted areas of the city. A ranking system will also be available in order to avoid some inaccessible routes. The app is designed with various customized filters so each user can set its own preferences.
  1. Eco Freaks team proposed a carpooling app that aims to streamline traffic by reducing the number of the cars that companies are using for their employees. The project promotes a more efficient use of the existing cars. In order to encourage this service, companies will offer various incentives for their employees. During peak hours, the result will be seen through the reduced number of cars and the project also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.
  1. #stauINSTatie is a project proposed by a group of four students from the Faculty of Architecture. The project proposes design upgrades in bus stations in order to make them safer and more appealing. Improving these spaces, where we spend plenty of time waiting, is a first step to bring positive influences in the way we look at public transportation and as a result, it will attract more users.  As a tangible solution, bottom-up proposals were made to involve and empower citizens. These may include modular prototype stations constructions that will be equiped with charging sockets, solar panels, playgrounds for kids (in the surroundings of preschools), interactive/hands-on maps, etc. The projects will create impact and this type of initiative can be applied in all around the globe. The project will be promoted at the Urban Mobility Conference which will be held in Amsterdam starting with April.

(The five winning teams from the Timisoara Innovation Hackathon 5-6 October Vox Technology Park, together with mentors and organizers)

  1. ReactiveBoards is another solution proposed by UrbanizeHub for Vienna’s accelerator and it comes from the ReactiveBords team which held a presentation with the most intuitive electric powered long-boards products available on the marketplace. ReactiveBoards will revolutionize the way people move around the city.

HiReach is a Horizon 2020 based project, developed in collaboration with Impact Hub Vienna. In Romania, 15 entrepreneurs with innovative vision are being sought to become part of this acceleration programme. The subject addresses the issue of vulnerable groups when it comes transportation.

We are glad that the solutions generated through UrbanizeHub at Urban Talks and Urban Innovation Hackathons have the chance to be visible at European and international levels.

For 2020, UrbanizeHub is preparing several events in multiple cities from Romania & abroad and we will launch the first incubator of smart and sustainable solutions for cities, powered by citizens.

Let’s shape the future of cities together!

Cover Foto: Medium by Allianz

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