Build Hope

UrbanizeHub is committed to driving change with our humanitarian campaigns, raising awareness and mobilizing support for those in need.

Public Library in Bangladesh

Bangladesh EduCaB is an inter-institutional, interdisciplinary platform that brings together professionals with experience in community, cultural, and educational development fields in Romania to support the completion of the Masud Parves Library, a community center/ library in southwestern Bangladesh. Launched in February 2016, this center has become the starting point for opening other educational centers in the Satkhira district.

UCab Rally

UCaB is the story of three friends who traveled 10,000 km together from Budapest to Freetown, equipped community hubs with educational equipment, and eventually flew back home because the car remained with those who needed it most. The project is a long-term bridge between Romania and West Africa with a dual mission - medical and educational, a humanitarian and charitable expedition.

Tanzania EduCab

Educab Tanzania is an educational project developed by a group of friends, focused on marginalized areas - either in Romania or in developing countries - that do not have access to educational resources. It is not just a donation program, but an informal network aimed at supporting these communities in the long term, both through material aid and exposure to knowledge and experiences that are difficult to access independently.

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