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What do smart cities and the biggest online retailer in the world have in common? Innovative cloud solutions, state-of-the-art technology, the Internet of Things and data analytics are just a couple of aspects that make AWS stand out. Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of the grander giant that is Amazon, has turned its attention towards the future of our cities. Here is how the company wants to tackle the challenges of the moment. 

At a time when innovations in the public sector are more and more frequent and visible, AWS sets out to provide cloud-connectivity solutions that would revolutionize the urban centers of the entire world. Using the power of fields such as IoT, AI or machine learning, AWS displays the idea that cloud services represent the ultimate upgrade of the public sector. The impact on a wide array of fields could be significant and out of these fields, the most obvious beneficiaries would be: transport and mobility, security, healthcare, entertainment and the quality of life. 

These solutions can enhance the quality of the communication between citizens and public institutions, they can ensure better accessibility with regard to the judicial system and can even improve healthcare services. The proposed changes would represent a true paradigm shift – a fundamental change – in the way these services currently work. The technology brought forward by AWS will allow cities and communities to accelerate their economic growth and to enhance their quality of life, precisely by improving the aforementioned services. Moreover, the benefits brought to energy system and the environment as a whole are promising. 

Another fundamental concept in the smart city vision proposed by AWS is that of monitoring. By making use of the technology behind concepts such as the Internet of Things, data with respect to traffic, air quality, weather patterns and plenty of other related elements could be consistently monitored. Numerous organizations and institutions can use the information that they own in a manner that is beneficial for the entire community. Along the same lines, Bug Labs-type solutions shed a light and bring about an innovative vision with regard to how cities harness and exploit their data. 

Fundamentally, AWS intends to generate a long term vision. Nowadays, the cities of the world use technology to improve the services they offer to citizens, as well as to amplify positive economic and environmental outcomes. At the same time, urban leaders are attempting to create a vision of a smart, future city which is well-connected and sustainable. The importance of a long-term vision is often understated. Such a vision should incorporate solutions which are efficient, adaptable, safe and which can make use of technology to the benefit of the community. 

The bedrock of our future smart cities resides in designing and implementing a solid digital infrastructure. Amazon Web Services, who has just named a new CEO, seems determined to move forward on this path to the future smart cities of our world. We suggest reading the e-books suggested by Amazon here. You could also find out more about AWS’s projects regarding innovative urban development by visiting this website. 

Sources: AWS, AWS2, GNW, Telecom

Photo: AWS, Snowdropsolution

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