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UHub at the IDC IoT Conference in Bucharest

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of having more and more everyday devices and objects that are capable of connecting to the internet, and thus responding to various commands that make processes different.

IoT can change many things in our lives, from our homes to our workplaces and to the activities we engage in; it can also be applied to components like engines or building machinery. The number of objects in our cities which are becoming part of the Internet of Things is continuously increasing, and we need to keep an eye on these developments as they will soon be changing our lives in all kinds of ways, big and small – from how we design, heat or clean our homes to how we navigate traffic, do our work or do our shopping. This kind of connectivity will also be able to help our cities reduce waste and become more environmentally friendly to a significant degree.


The IDC Internet of Things Conference which took place last week in Bucharest, Romania and is scheduled to take place in more cities around Europe, provided a platform that could lead to better understanding and more involvement for participants, including city leaders, business owners, journalists and other interested parties that could benefit from a more thorough knowledge of IoT.

Here is an overview of how the Internet of Things works and what IDC’s plans are for its future:


The Conference included a number of interesting panels on Smart Cities, IoT and its impact on different industries, IoT security, and its benefits for health. The different activities and discussions helped participants better understand the current trends, identify areas of future growth, and stay ahead in their respective fields when it comes to the Internet of Things.

iot urbanizehub conference
From ‘Capturing the IoT Opportunity’ presentation by Milan Kálal
iot urbanizehub security smart cities
From the ‘IoT Security’ presentation by Alex Proskura


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