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Cycling Safely: Volvo Lifepaint

Volvo responds to cyclists’ safety concerns by releasing the Volvo Lifepaint.

As cycling rises in popularity as a means of transport in big cities, so too do the accidents which involve bike commuters. Sharing the roads between drivers, cyclists and even pedestrians is a daunting challenge. It is made even more daunting during improper conditions such as those present during nighttime. Low visibility endangers both cyclists and pedestrians and most solutions to this are often clunky or impractical.

Enter Life Paint, a product developed by Volvo to aid cyclists who often commute during nighttime. Essentially a coating spray, Life Paint is invisible by day and shines brightly in the glare of car’s headlights. By adhering to most surfaces, such as clothing or bike parts, it is easy to use and provides a more discrete and lightweight solution than the traditional reflective biking garb.

Source: tis

Photo: theupscout