Inside Out – a global art project

‘Inside Out’ is a global participatory art project ‘with the potential to save the world’. Inspired by creator JR’s large‐format street “pastings”, the project gives everyone the opportunity to share their large-scale portrait and make a statement about the things they care about. It is a global platform for people to share their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art.

The exibitions cover varied themes such as hope, diversity, gender-based violence or climate change. Each Inside Out group action around the world is documented, archived and exhibited online. Over 260,000 people have participated in 129 countries, mainly in cities.

 Here are some great examples of Inside Out projects and the statements they make.


Austin, Minnesota We support hard working teachers and school workers lifting up and empowering a diverse culture of young people to prepare them for the realities of life.


Port Au Prince, Haiti Rising Souls, Haiti: the resilience of Haitians


Salvador, Brazil Crossing borders: the daily life of Beirú, its knowledges, identities and looks.


Juarez, Mexico Juarez is currently considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Our objective is to show the other side of the city, the one we don’t see in the media. The people living in Juarez continue their lives despite the violence.


Oakland, California This project focuses on OCCUPY OAKLAND and the individuals that make up this widespread movement. The strength of Occupy lies in the fact that a professor, a laborer, a student, an immigrant, the unemployed, and a business owner can stand together demanding change.


Belo Horizonte, Brazil We want out students to see their reality in another way, through art and photography.


Rome, Italy Respect and compassion for immigrants.


Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota We are the Lakota Tribe. We are the Seventh Generation and we still exist.


Chiang Mai, Thailand Showing new faces of the monastic life through portraits of samaneras (monk novices).


Parroquia Guangaje, Ecuador The Kichwa Indians are largely excluded from the wider cultural and political dialogue that ocurrs in the country . Most have never seen photos of themselves.


Georgetown, Guyana The eyes of Guyanese children that have witnessed violent acts against their mothers, sisters, and/or themselves.


Russian Embassies across Europe Standing up against homophobic treatment of LGBT groups in Russia.


Caracas, Venezuela Portraits of mothers who have lost a child because of violence.


Karachi, Pakistan To expose the persecution of minorities in Pakistan.


Naplouse, Palestine, 2011


Tunisia, Police Station of La Goulette, 2011


Tel Aviv, 2011




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