Helsinki wants to eliminate the need for private car ownership

In an effort to capitalize on current urban transportation trends and mobile technology, Helsinki takes on the challenge of eliminating the need for private car ownership by 2025. Here’s how they plan to do it.

The main idea is to combine public and private transport providers in such a way that ensures maximum flexibility and coverage. Unlike the classic transportation map of a city, the one wanted by Helsinki would put individual needs in the center of its strategy. Bus routes would be dynamic and responsive to demand. Everything, from planning to paying, would be done through mobile. Ride sharing and carpooling would be taken to a new level.

The focus is shifted from the constraints provided by roads, bridges and bus and subway routes to the flexibility needed to respond to individual demand. According to Helsinki’s plan, commuters won’t need to rely on a private car to get to even the most remote part of the city or to travel through the worst weather conditions. The dense network of public-private providers would provide the needed service.

In today’s digital age, mobility is increasingly linked to mobile technology. Car manufacturers worldwide respond to this trend by creating vehicles easily integrated into the internet social grid. Additionally, autonomous driving technologies are perfected daily.

City governments are perfectly placed to tackle the challenge of integrating new technologies available and new transportation trends into a 21st mobility model for cities.

Source: FastCoexist

Photo: Visit Finland.

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