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Collaboration and transformation are two big directions for functional urban areas. After seeing how Zagreb managed to create synergies between the capital and the nearby urban or rural areas, we thought of telling the story of the Jiu Valley Conurbation and what ambitions the three counties that are part of the structure have.

Jiu Conurbation is a collaboration at the level of three counties: Hunedoara, Gorj and Dolj. Since all counties have in common the problem of abandoned industrial areas and the lack of a qualified human resource in areas of current interest for the market, the administrations decided that through a collaborative structure they can attract investments that will change the destiny of the region. Communities have the chance to add value to the local heritage and create business models for the future.

The memorandum signed by the three counties is called the “Hunedoara-Gorj-Dolj Development Axis” and functions as an instrument through which the conurbation promotes its interests and attracts European funds. The alliance aimed to create synergies to bring about sustainable development and change for residents whose livelihoods were heavily dependent on former industries, particularly mining. The European Union encourages collaboration at the regional level and bringing all stakeholders together at the decision-making table, which is why the Jiu Conurbation has every chance to profile itself as a model of good practices at the national level.

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