Urban Talks: Cars vs. People – Is your city ready for the future?

What is the difference between a city that is oriented towards people and one that is built for cars? Is the change worth it? Which one represents the future better and what is the current trend?

Plenty of people believe that autonomous vehicles are the wonder that can solve all of mankind’s future urban problems. Indeed, the idea of cars communicating in order to ease up traffic seems revolutionary and does appear to have potential in solving urban issues.

Connectivity is key, but it doesn’t only apply to our vehicles, it applies to ourselves and to the way we interact. However, what can cities do to achieve an ideal vision for the future – cities that are not named Amsterdam or Copenhagen?

Imagini pentru no car city

In this sense, Cornelia Dincǎ, Sustainable Amsterdam founder, provides you with the example of a city which has indeed risen from its ashes and after embracing and implementing a car-centric vision, it changed fundamentally.

As congestion and traffic fatalities continue being stark realities of our everyday life, we are forced to look ahead. In finding and implementing a vision for what lies ahead, innovation plays an essential role. Bottom-up revolutions are a historically-proven idea, and the citizen can change the society he or she lives in. It is us, the people, who should reclaim our cities and improve them the best we can.

Is your city ready for the future? Find out what it takes by watching Cornelia’s speech:

Video Source: Youtube

Photo: Medium, TastingTravels

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