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Santiago to introduce (mostly) solar and wind powered subway

Santiago’s subway system takes the leap towards green energy.

Boasting 5 lines and over 100 stations, the subway system in Santiago, Chile is one of the largest in Latin America. Soon, it will have another claim to fame as it moves forward into the green energy future. Starting from late 2017, 60% of Metro de Santiago’s power needs will be met by renewable energy sources, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet announced on May 23.

Metro de Santiago said in a statement that it had signed two agreements, one with a solar-energy provider, another with a wind-power company. The solar plant will supply 42% of the subway system’s energy needs, the wind project 18%. According to statement from SunPower (the contracted solar plant), the metro system will become the first in the world to run mostly on solar energy. The wind power will come from a San Juan wind project developed by Spain-based Elecnor and owned by Brazilian firm Latin America Power.

The two projects will enter into service in 2018 and supply the metro for 15 years.

Source: Quartz

Photo: Daniel Roizer at StockSnap.io