Amsterdam – fewer parking spaces making room for green oasis

Amsterdam transit commissioner Sharon Dijksma announced that the number of people allowed to park in the city center will gradually decrease. At the moment, these people require a permit to access a specific space, but the cost of it will also rise in the near future. The proposed strategy is to reduce this number by 1500 per year, this way removing up to 11 200 parking spaces by the end of 2025. 

Once these spaces are emptied by cars, they will be redesigned with trees, bike parking and wide sidewalks.

One may ask how can this be possible ?

Reducing the parking space was one of the main objectives of the Municipality of Amsterdam. However, no parking permit will be revoked, but the number of parking permits will rather do away naturally. For example if someone gives up their cars, dies or leaves the city, their permit will simply not be replaced. This method should ensure a natural and smooth transition.

Another trick up the city’s sleeve is to repair the streets that have been affected by the weight of cars for so many years. Amsterdam has quite of a delicate soil, therefore some of the streets are in need of some remodeling. By doing this, the routes will be closed, therefore more motor vehicles will disappear from these areas.

22% of Amsterdam’s journeys take place via car. However, most of the journeys take place by bike. Getting rid of parking lots will offer enough space for bike parking which is an eternal scarcity in Amsterdam. Moreover, it will create some extra space around the city, making it more breathable.

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Servaz van Berkum is a Program maker in the Mobility and Technology Department at Pakhuis de Zvijger. This organization has grown to be an independent platform for and by the city of Amsterdam and its inhabitants. Their mission is to integrate and connect domains and disciplines, in order to share knowledge and experiences, and to design and imagine the future of everyday living. How do they do it? By doing research, develop online platforms, set up meetings and organize challenges, City Expeditions, and think tanks together with partners while building local, national and international networks of City Makers and City Embassies.

Servaz van Berkum is the organizer of the festival We make the city and one of the speakers of the Urban Talks 2019 event.

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Text: City Lab

Image: Sutterstock

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