Three Spaces

— revitalized through participatory processes

The redevelopment project of the three green spaces in Sector 6 of Bucharest Municipality was a project aimed at understanding how citizens use and relate to the nearby public spaces adjacent to residential buildings.

Guided by the principle that the best designers of a space are its users, the study aimed to collect information regarding the needs and desires of the local residents regarding the future of the space and integrate them into the design of the layout. Thus, UrbanizeHub's vision of using participatory urbanism in urban planning and urban design projects developed in the country was followed.

Understanding green spaces as vital within the urban context significantly contributes to the quality of life of the residents.

Beyond the undeniable ecological component, green spaces play an intimate urban social role related to composition and urban functionality. The study aimed, in addition to proposing new planted areas and relaxation zones, to highlight the potential that the spaces around the buildings have and the role they can play in a city.

Creating a network of nearby green spaces stimulates social inclusion by connecting common places frequented by residents and creates new common relaxation areas for adults and children.

Urbanizers involved:

Samuel Stancu

Edgar Chismorie


ADDPU of District 6 of Bucharest


The World Bank

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